Even Grown Adults Need Supervision

I had been in the hospital for a few days after having severe chest pains.
The doctor ordered my 34-year-old son to take me back to his house for 24 hour monitoring.
On the drive to his house, we were talking about how difficult it was for me to have to have someone drive me around and watch me all day, because I am (and always have been) very independent.
My son replied, "Oh Mom, you're still independent, you just need adult supervision"

Posted by Kathy Beauchamp

Finding Himself

Today, I woke up to my 8 month old son happy as can be.
I could hear him laughing over the monitor.
When I walked into the room, he had somehow got his diaper off and was holding onto his new found penis.
He thought it was hysterical when it went off and shot urine everywhere.

Posted By Anonymous Mom

Aging Happens

Today, my 11 year old son and I were going through some old photos.
He saw one of me when I was 22 on a beach wearing a bikini.
He said “Wow! Who's that?!"
Quite proudly I said it was me.
He looked at me and said " What happened?!"

Posted By Anonymous Mom


Michaela at 37 months old.

She tried on a pair of shoes that had fit her all summer, but she hadn’t worn them in a few days, she put those on this time and her foot was hanging off the back…
I told her, “Your shoes are just getting too small honey.”
She said “Yeah, maybe they are almost for my cousin, Jadin.”

Finding her Patience

We were driving down to Myrtle Beach last Saturday (3 hour ride), and Michaela was getting pretty antsy in her car seat.
She asked about every 15 minutes "Are we there yet?
We kept telling her to "find her patience"
So finally, we get there, and she asks again "Are we there yet?"
I said "Michaela, where is your patience?"
She yelled "I LOST IT!"

~Michaela, 3 Years Old

Kid Cramps

I took my niece, Michaela, on a field trip yesterday with mye daycare to a pool, Michaela was telling me all about how she can put her face underwater.
So once they were in the pool and playing, I remembered her talking about it, so I asked Michaela "Can you show me how you can put your face in the water?"
Michaela said "Ummmmm I have to think about it".
So I waited 30 seconds before I asked again "You can't do it. Only big girls know how!"
Michaela then said "Oh yes I can, I just have a cramp that I was waiting to go away."
I Replied "A cramp? Where at"
She then said "Its in my face!"

The Good and Bad of Potty Training

Good: My Daughter decided to use the kids' potty chair on her own for the first time whie I was out of the room, and so the story begins....
Bad: The bucket was not in, so poo hit the floor
Good: She tried to clean it
Bad: With her socks
Good: She decided to clean the socks
Bad: She used the Wall
Good: She finally called Dad

This was all while she was supposed to be sleeping.

Shared by Unknown Parent

Mt. 10

Michaela, 34 months old.

She was stacking some Tostitos Scoop's chips upside down and said she was making a mountain…
I told her, "That's cool honey, what will you call it?"
She said, "Uuuuummmm..."
I interrupted, "Mount...what?"
She said, "Ten!"

Dinasaur's Stink

Just wanted to share a funny The Little Gym moment...After her trip to the dinosaur museum a little girl came in for her gymnastics class was very excited to share some of the new dinosaur facts with her teacher Ms. Melissa. She said, "I'm... glad dinosaurs aren't around now." Ms. Melissa asked why and the girl's response was, "Cause the man at the museum said that dinosaurs stink!" LOL!

Posted by Melissa (a Little Gym Teacher)

Wish apon a flower

We were outside on a warm spring day in North Carolina, and we have tons of dandilions in our front yard, and so those fuzzy white flowers were popping up everywhere. My mother was with my 2 1/2 year old daughter picking them up, and began to explaining that if you pick one, you have to make a wish and then blow it. If you can blow all the fuzzies off, your wish would come true.

So my mom demonstrated and said "I wish I would get a big hug and a kiss", then blew the whole thing away. So, my daughter then gave her a big hug and a kiss. My mother said "See, my wish came true"

My daughter then picks one up, gripping it tightly with both hands, closes her eyes real tight, and said "I wish I could blow this flower"

Having a Bad Day? This could cheer you up

I've started this blog to make people laugh out loud. When I need a good laugh, I think of my daughter. She is now 3 years old, and since she could start talking, the words that come out of her mouth never cease to surprise me. I wanted to start something that every parent could add their funny stories to and share with the world.

We all forget the funny things our kids do as time goes by, so I've started to document the funniest moments to look back on. I'll start....