Rewriting History

Monday was President’s Day, and my daughter's Pre-K class had learned about some of our most important Presidents. 

She came home very proudly wanting to tell us what she had learned and said
“George Washington was the first president of the ‘Nited States of America, and then there was “April Ham Lincoln-ton.” 

Then we learned about Martin Luther King, but he wasn’t a president, he was THE leader”

I wanted to know how much she knew, so I encouraged her and asked “The leader of what?”
She said “A Band”

Getting [in the] Fire

I woke up late this morning, and my daughter was giving me a hard time getting her ready.  I told her to please help me out, or I was gonna be late for work & that would get me in trouble.

She said “Are they gonna put you in the fire?”

I laughed, and explained to her that “getting fired” doesn’t mean they literally put you in fire, it just means that you lose your job, and won’t make money anymore.

She replied “Oh no, then I can’t get what I want at the store anymore?”